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Scaffold Snap is a Styrene-based support filament for use with ASA and ABS-based filaments.

Scaffold Snap is easier to print than Scaffold. It cannot be dissolved in tap water, but there is no risk of cross-linking or heat-related degradation in the nozzle. We suggest a low infill percentage (10%-15%) combined with a zig-zag printing pattern. An interface layer should be included of at least 1mm, with infill 50%-60%. A grid pattern works well but a 'concentric' pattern offers some of the nicest surface finishing. For optimum breakaway, privilege X/Y distance over Z, at a distance approximately equal to the layer height.

  • Heat Deflection Temperature: 84°C
  • Bed Temp: 100°C+
  • Brass Nozzle Temp: 220°C-240°C
  • Bed Adhesion: Glue stick on glass, Dimafix adhesive.
MatXYesOptimised pairing
ASAYesGood pairing
ABSYesGood pairing
EdgeYesSomewhat stickier than MatX or ABS but still viable
TPU FlexiblesNo
PET/CopolyestersYesUsable, but not ideal.
TypePart #SupplierURL
Scaffold SNAP Support FilamentF-SW-SCAFFOLD-SNAPE3D
  • Soluble in limonene (proper precautions should be taken)
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