PC is an extremely high impact material, that also has excellent stiffness and strength. The layer adhesion is also fantastic when printed at high enough temperatures. The downside to this material is that is quite challenging to print, requiring high bed and nozzle temperatures to print small parts, and large parts really need an enclosure or preferably a heated chamber.

  • Print temperature: 290 - 315oC
  • Bed temperature: 140+ oC
  • Bed adhesion: Gluestick, dimafix, PC/Lexan sheet, Buildtak and related surfaces
  • Part cooling fan: Off
  • Enclosure/chamber: Use an enclosure where possible. The material is prone to warping, but can be controlled with a powerful heated bed, enclosure and or heated chamber
Yeild stress:62Mpa
Young's modulus:2400Mpa
Fracture strain:68%
Impact strength:61kj/m2
TypePart #SupplierURL
E3D Premium - Polycarbonate - Clear - 1.75mm - 1KgF-SW-PC-CLEAR-175-1000E3Dhttps://e3d-online.com/polycarbonate-cle...

This material is quite tricky to print without any warping. A heated chamber is useful if you have one, but you can achieve similar effects with an enclosure. This can be as basic as a cardboard box placed over the top and a high temperature bed. You will experience far less warping with small parts as well.

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