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SpoolWorks PLA is easy to print with, offering good flow properties and beautiful colours. Low ooze, low warp, easy bonding at medium bed temperatures. Compatible with spoolWorks Scaffold support filament.

Printing Guidelines

  • Print Temperature: 190-220°C
  • Bed Temperature: 55°C to 70°C
  • Bed Adhesion: Glue stick on glass bed
  • Fans: 100%

Mechanical Properties

PropertyMachine direction (MD)Transverse directionUnits
Ultimate tensile strength:112143Mpa
Young's modulus:33503900Mpa
Fracture strain:155102%
Impact strength:7.6kj/m2

Products within category

TypePart #SupplierURL
spoolWorks PLA - 'Basic' Black20F-SW-PLA-BLACKE3D
spoolWorks PLA Filament - NaturalF-SW-PLA-NATURALE3D
spoolWorks PLA - 'Basic' White02F-SW-PLA-WHITEE3D
spoolWorks PLA - 'Light' Grey06F-SW-PLA-GREYE3D
spoolWorks PLA - 'Greenish' Glow00F-SW-PLA-GLOWE3D
spoolWorks PLA - 'Lining' Silver03F-SW-PLA-SILVERE3D
spoolWorks PLA - 'Phonebox' Red27W-PLA-REDE3D
spoolWorks PLA - 'Sweet' Orange17F-SW-PLA-ORANGEE3D
spoolWorks PLA Filament - Primary YellowF-SW-PLA-YELLOWE3D
spoolWorks PLA - 'Cricket' Green16F-SW-PLA-GREENE3D
spoolWorks PLA - 'Royal' Blue42F-SW-PLA-ROYALBLUEE3D
spoolWorks PLA - 'Oxford' Blue22F-SW-PLA-BLUEE3D

Additional Notes

PLA can be printed without a heated bed, but its still preferable to use one.

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