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SpoolWorks PLA is easy to print with, offering good flow properties and beautiful colours. Low ooze, low warp, easy bonding at medium bed temperatures. Compatible with spoolWorks Scaffold support filament.

  • Print Temperature: 190-220°C
  • Bed Temperature: 55°C to 70°C
  • Bed Adhesion: Glue stick on glass bed
  • Fans: 100%
PropertyMachine direction (MD)Transverse directionUnits
Ultimate tensile strength:112143Mpa
Young's modulus:33503900Mpa
Fracture strain:155102%
Impact strength:7.6kj/m2
TypePart #SupplierURL
spoolWorks PLA - 'Basic' Black20F-SW-PLA-BLACKE3D
spoolWorks PLA Filament - NaturalF-SW-PLA-NATURALE3D
spoolWorks PLA - 'Basic' White02F-SW-PLA-WHITEE3D
spoolWorks PLA - 'Light' Grey06F-SW-PLA-GREYE3D
spoolWorks PLA - 'Greenish' Glow00F-SW-PLA-GLOWE3D
spoolWorks PLA - 'Lining' Silver03F-SW-PLA-SILVERE3D
spoolWorks PLA - 'Phonebox' Red27W-PLA-REDE3D
spoolWorks PLA - 'Sweet' Orange17F-SW-PLA-ORANGEE3D
spoolWorks PLA Filament - Primary YellowF-SW-PLA-YELLOWE3D
spoolWorks PLA - 'Cricket' Green16F-SW-PLA-GREENE3D
spoolWorks PLA - 'Royal' Blue42F-SW-PLA-ROYALBLUEE3D
spoolWorks PLA - 'Oxford' Blue22F-SW-PLA-BLUEE3D

PLA can be printed without a heated bed, but its still preferable to use one.

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