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PEEK is an experimental plastic. Only attempt to print this plastic if you know what your getting into, there will be no guidelines or information available for this material.

Printing Guidelines

None are provided, this is an experimental plastic

Mechanical Properties

Young's modulus:4050Mpa
Elongation at break:47%
Flexural strength (at 23oC):120Mpa
Flexural strength (at 23oC yield):170Mpa
Flexural modulus:3900Mpa
Impact strength (ISO 180/A):8.2kj/m2

Products within category

TypePart #SupplierURL
E3D Experimental - PEEK - 1.75mm - Natural - 0.25kgF-SW-PEEK-NATURAL-175-250E3D
E3D Experimental - PEEK - 1.75mm - Natural - 0.50kgF-SW-PEEK-NATURAL-175-500E3D

Additional Notes

You won't be able to print PEEK on all printers. You'll need high temperatures and a heated chamber. That's all the information that's available.

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