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Flexible Polyester is a versatile rubber like material that prints really nicely.

This is a rubbery flexible filament with excellent printability characteristics. This filament has flexibilty comparable to a tyre, and a shiny deep black colour. Best of all is the fact that this filament prints easily and cleanly. It exhibits much less stringing and ooze than other flexible filaments, and can be used to create sharp detailed, yet flexible prints.

Like all flexible filaments this does require some care in printing, the use of an extruder that supports the filament all the way from drive gear to hotend is helpful. If in doubt, print slowly.

Manufactured inside the EU at a facility with which we work closely. Guaranteed to be ±0.05mm in tolerance, but is usually ±0.02mm or better.

Printing Guidelines

  • Print Temperature: 200-220°C
  • Bed Temperature: 100°C
  • Bed Adhesion: Glue stick on glass bed

Material Properties

Ultimate tensile strength:24Mpa
Strain at break:530%
Hardness (Shore D)45Shore D
Specific Gravity1,14g/cc
MFR 260ºC/5 kg1,14g/10 min

Products within category

TypePart #SupplierURL
E3D Premium - Flex-PolyEster (Shore 45D) - Black - 1.75mm - 500gF-E3D-FPE-45D-175-BLACKE3D
E3D Premium - Flex-PolyEster (Shore 45D) - Black - 2.85mm - 500gF-E3D-FPE-45D-300-BLACKE3D
E3D Premium - Flex-PolyEster (Shore 65D) - Black - 1.75mm - 500gF-E3D-FPE-65D-175-BLACKE3D
E3D Premium - Flex-PolyEster (Shore 65D) - Black - 2.85mm - 500gF-E3D-FPE-65D-300-BLACKE3D

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