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30 x 30 x 10 DC Fan

Block Image
  • A 30x30x10mm DC fan
  • Cable length: 1m cable pre-attached.
  • Can be used with E3D HotEnds including the V6 and Lite6.
  • 4.1cfm

40 x 40 x 10 DC Fan

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  • A standard, high-speed DC fan for use with the Titan Aero and for general 3D printer cooling.
  • Comes as standard with the Titan Aero.
  • Size: 40x40x10mm.
  • Lead length: 1m.

50 x 50 x 15 12v DC Side Blow Fan

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  • A side-blowing 12V DC fan for HotEnd and part cooling. This is a high-speed fan with a high quality 2 ball bearing.
  • Size: 50x50x15mm.
  • Lead length: 1m

60 x 60 x 10

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  • 60x60x10mm 24V fan.
  • A spare fan for RepRap 3D printers including the BigBox.
  • Comes with a 30cm cable with crimped fork terminals.

60 x 60 x 20 12v DC Fan

Block Image
  • A standard 12V DC fan for your general cooling needs.
  • This is a high-speed fan with a high-quality 2-ball bearing.
  • Size: 60x60x20mm.
  • Lead length: 1m.
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