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Printing Guidelines

  • Nozzle Temp: 240°C
  • Bed Temp: 80°C
  • Bed Adhesion: Glue stick on a glass bed. Edge already sticks well, so other coatings may make the part difficult to remove
  • Part cooling fan: Low to medium

Mechanical Properties

Yield strength:51.5Mpa
Flex modulus:2100Mpa
Elongation to break:115%
Izode impact (Notched):84J/m
Glass transition temperature:70oC

Products within category

TypePart #SupplierURL
spoolWorks Edge Filament - 'Very' Black30F-SW-EDGE-BLACK30E3D
spoolWorks Edge Filament - 'Dark' Crystal12F-SW-EDGE-CRYSTAL12E3D
spoolWorks Edge Filament - 'Basalt' Grey45F-SW-EDGE-GREY45E3D
spoolWorks Edge Filament - 'Clear' Crystal01F-SW-EDGE-CRYSTAL01E3D
spoolWorks Edge Filament - 'Dover' White01F-SW-EDGE-WHITE01E3D
spoolWorks Edge Filament - 'Light' Grey06F-SW-EDGE-GREY06E3D
spoolWorks Edge Filament - 'Cement' Grey28F-SW-EDGE-GREY28E3D
spoolWorks Edge Filament - 'British Racing' Green46F-SW-EDGE-GREEN46E3D
spoolWorks Edge Filament - 'Cricket' Green16F-SW-EDGE-GREEN16E3D
spoolWorks Edge Filament - Oxford Blue 22F-SW-EDGE-BLUE22E3D
spoolWorks Edge Filament - 'Limey' Lime29F-SW-EDGE-CITRUS29E3D
spoolWorks Edge Filament - 'PhoneBox' Red27F-SW-EDGE-RED27E3D
spoolWorks Edge Filament - 'Deep' Purple72F-SW-EDGE-PURPLE72E3D

Additional Notes

Regarding bed adhesion, Edge has already been adhesion modified, so using aggressive coatings like Dimafix, Wolfbite and other 3D printing specific bed surfaces will result in parts sticking so well they pull off chunks of glass. This stuff is designed to STICK, to itself, to Scaffold Soluble Support and to the print bed. This is intentional but can cause it to stick to the nozzle a bit more than we'd like. We're working on a solution for this.

Edge bridges and overhangs well. Support materials also stick very well to, so you may need more separation between your supports and your prints.

Edge has particularly high strength and inter-layer adhesion when printed with a Volcano HotEnd.

Polymer: PET/Copolyester blend with additives.

Storage: Keep DRY. Drier filament = Stronger prints that are much more impact resistent, with better surface finish and generally prints better with improved surface finish. If filament is exposed to moisture the material can be dried at 50-60C. A heated bed and a bag with dessicant makes a decent makeshift filament warmer. Dry for 6 hours or more, longer is better.

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