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Maximum temperature for the V6

An explanation of the recommended temperature ratings for the v6, along with the absolute max temperatures that can be used.

For a standard V6 configuration, the maximum recommended temperature is 285°C when hot tightening you should heat the V6 up to 285°C, and when changing nozzles you should heat up the hotend to 285°C.

The maximum rated temperatures for the aluminum block and the thermistor cartridge is 300°C but in order to provide a safety margin, we only recommend you print up to 285°C. If you are feeling adventurous you can print at 300°C but do so with caution as overshooting this temperature will likely lead to issues.

If you are using the Hardened steel nozzle with the Aluminum heater block then the maximum printing temperature is 275°C, printing above this will risk minor leaking. We found that the Aluminum heater block is too soft to provide a good seal between the Stainless steel heat break and the Hardened steel nozzle at temperatures above 275°C

Do not exceed 300°C with the standard V6 configuration.

Because the Aluminum heater block softens/ weakens above 300°C we have Nickel-plated copper heater blocks that remain strong up to 500°C

When printing higher temperatures with the nickel plated heater block it is important to note that the thermistor cartridge has a maximum rating of 300°C so you will have to use either a thermocouple or a PT100 temperature sensor. These will allow you to print up to 450°C.

When hot tightening or changing nozzles at higher temperatures than 300°C we recommend using a value that is at least 10°C above the intended print temperature in order to achieve proper sealing.

Be advised that above 400°C the hardened steel nozzles will lose a small amount of hardness, therefore, resistance to abrasive materials is reduced.

The same temperature restrictions apply to the volcano heater blocks.

BlockNozzleSensorRecommendedAbsolute Max
AluminiumHardened SteelThermistor275°C285°C
Plated CopperPlated CopperPT100/Thermocouple450°C500°C
Plated CopperHardened SteelPT100/Thermocouple400°C500°C

If you have more questions regarding the temperatures please contact:

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why not use stainless steel to make the block?

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