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Silicone sock Main Image

Silicone sock

The silicone sock will keep the heater block and nozzle hot and clean

Type Part # Supplier URL
V6 Silicone Socks (Pack of 3) V6-SOCK-3PACK E3D
V6 Socks - Pro (Pack of 3) V6-SOCK-PRO-3PACK E3D
Silicone Socks for Volcano (3Pack) VOLCANO-SOCK-3PACK E3D

Additional Information

The silicone sock is a very good insulator and will keep the nozzle hot. This helps to keep the plastic at the same hot temperature up to the point where it leaves the nozzle. Using the sock can help reduce the need for a part cooling fan and reduces the risk of a part cooling fan affecting the nozzle temperature.

The socks can be used up to temperatures of 300 Celsius. Beyond this temperature the socks can still be used but will degrade faster.

Pro vs Normal

There are two types of the V6 silicone sock. The pro and the normal. The normal version has a hole for the nozzle to go through and the pro version encases the sides of the nozzle. There is little difference between the two, but the pro sock provides more insulation. The pro sock is also closer to the print and can run the danger of the sock sticking to the print and coming off. It your unsure about which to use, try the standard sock, or get both.

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