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MatX is the logical successor to ABS. With less warping, higher flow rates, and better chemical resistances, MatX is the perfect upgrade to make usable printed parts. MatX is also stiffer and glossier than ABS, making it perfect for showing off your functional 3D prints.

Type Part # Supplier URL
spoolWorks MatX Filament - 'Very' Black 30 F-SW-MATX-BLACK E3D
spoolWorks MatX Filament - 'Cream' Natural 00 F-SW-MATX-NATURAL E3D
spoolWorks MatX Filament - 'Ceramic' White 03 F-SW-MATX-WHITE E3D
spoolWorks MatX Filament - 'Olive' Grey 09 F-SW-MATX-OLIVE E3D
spoolWorks MatX Filament- 'Basalt' Grey 45 F-SW-MATX-DARKGREY E3D
spoolWorks MatX - 'BloodOrange' Red 40 F-SW-MATX-RED E3D
spoolWorks MatX Filament - 'Oxford' Blue 22 F-SW-MATX-BLUE E3D


ASA-based material for 3D printing. Replacement for uses where ABS strength and toughness profiles are required. Offers standard ASA-related benefits such as good chemical, heat, and UV resistance. Additionally developed for good flow properties, inter-layer adhesion, and smooth surface finish in 3D printing

Printing guidelines

  • Heat Deflection Temperature: 85°C
  • Bed Temp: 105°C–120°C
  • Brass Nozzle Temp: 240°C
  • Bed Adhesion: Glue stick on glass, Dimafix adhesive.
  • Fans: 10%

Mechanical Properties

  • Flex Modulus: 21,600 kfg/cm2
  • Elongation to break: 23%
  • Izod impact strength: 118J/m
  • Tensile Strength: 460 kgfcm²
  • Water Absorption: None
  • Hardness (Rockwell-R Scale): 105

Additional Notes

Acrylonitrile rubber bound in an acrylonitrile-styrene copolymer matrix, forms a weak bond with styrene-based support material e.g. Scaffold Snap when 3D printed together.

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