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FleXD is our very own flexible material. Easier to print with than previous flexibles, FleXD retains the tough and chemical resistant properties of other TPU filaments.

Type Part # Supplier URL
spoolWorks FleXD Filament - 'Very' Black20 F-SW-FLEXD-BLACK E3D
spoolWorks FleXD Filament - 'Bright' White F-SW-FLEXD-WHITE E3D
spoolWorks FleXD Filament - 'Crystal' Clear01 F-SW-FLEXD-CLEAR E3D
spoolWorks FleXD Filament - 'Rose' Red05 F-SW-FLEXD-RED E3D
spoolWorks FleXD Filament - 'Sweet' Orange F-SW-FLEXD-ORANGE E3D
spoolWorks FleXD Filament - 'Monster' Green16 F-SW-FLEXD-GREEN E3D
spoolWorks FleXD Filament - 'Oxford' Blue22 F-SW-FLEXD-BLUE E3D


FleXD is a TPU with hardness Shore 93A. It's bouncy yet firm, suitable for all kinds of fun applications as well as for printing gaskets, tyres, seals, and ice trays. Spool weight: 500g

Printing Guidelines

  • Print Temperature: 215 - 225°C
  • Bed Temperature: 40 - 80°C
  • Bed Adhesion: Glue stick on glass, no additional adhesive needed on PEI sheeting or blue tape.
  • Part cooling fan: Medium to high speed

Material Properties

Ultimate tensile strength:42Mpa
100% modulus:9.8Mpa
300% modulus:20Mpa
Elongation at break:500%
Hardness (Shore A)93AShore A

Additional Notes

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Past 24 Hours: 1

Past 7 Days: 4

Past 30 Days: 23

All Time: 857