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Experimental V6 Nozzles Main Image

Experimental V6 Nozzle

From high-resolution 0.15mm diameters to undrilled nozzles you can customise yourself, E3D experimental nozzles are at the cutting edge of 3D printing. These nozzles are fully integrated into the E3D Ecosystem and will fit V6, Lite6, and Titan Aero HotEnds, and are compatible with Prusa 3D printers.

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Experimental Nozzles E3D


You can identify 0.15 nozzles because they have 2 dots diagonally on one flat of the nozzle

This nozzle has been engineered to be as user friendly as possible, however, in order to obtain the best prints possible, here are a few recommended settings.



  • Heated bed capable of at least 100°C
  • Light coat of glue stick for initial layer bed adhesion

Motion system

Although a belt system using does produce acceptable results, artefacts from microstepping become quite visible at this scale. We recommend using or updating your printer to use


Using a geared extruder is essential. We find that a 3:1 gear ratio works perfectly. Our Titan workes admirably.


Recommended materials:

This printing method uses hardly any plastic due to the small size of the prints, it therefore makes sense to buy good quality plastics, since each print will be relatively cheap. We also recommend using a filament cleaner and to use dry, fresh filament.

Slicer settings

Nozzle Diameter0.15mm
Extrusion Multiplier1.00
Extrusion Width0.18mm
Layer Height0.0800mm
Retraction Distance1.00mm
Extra Retraction Distance0.00mm
Retraction Vertical Lift0.00mm (important to reduce vibration and vertical stringing)
Retraction Speed30.0 mm/s
No Coasting
No Wiping
3 layers top, bottom and sides printed inside out
First Layer Height160%
First Layer Width120%
First Layer Speed50%
Interior Fill Percentage25%
Outline Overlap15%
Infill Extrusion Width100%
Minimum Infill Length5.00mm (can be less due to the good bridging capabilities)
Print sparse infill every layer
Support (if required)
Support Infill Percentage30%
No extra inflation distance
No dense support layers
Support every layer
Horizontal Offset From Part0.30mm
Upper Vertical Separation1 layer
Lower Vertical Separation1 layer
Max Overhang45 deg
Default Printing Speed30.0mm/s
Outline Underspeed75%
Solid Infill Underspeed80%
Support Structure Underspeed80%
X/Y Axis Speed80mm/s
Z Axis Speed16.7mm/s
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Past 30 Days: 34

All Time: 2,794