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Tighten the M3x15mm socket dome screws (with the M3 washers on them) with 2.5 mm hex wrench until the clamp deforms slightly.

If you don't have enough washers, that's fine, they just help clamp the cartridge.

You do not need to worry about over-tightening the screws; the heater cartridge is made of steel and is very tough, unlike the thermistor cartridge.

When you eventually screw on the heater block to your heat break and heat sink, you will have to bend the heater cartridge wires down almost horizontally. This is normal. The wires are strong enough to be bent like this.

The screw needs to pass through a clearance hole and then into the threaded side in order to clamp the heater cartridge. Screwing directly into the threaded hole will not clamp the heater block and risk stripping the threads.