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Make sure you have your hotend in a place where it can get hot without damaging anything or setting any fires! Mounted on your printer or held with a spanner will work fine. Take care not to touch your hotend when it heats up.

Send the command M303 to autotune your PID. For more detailed instructions, check out Thomas Sanladerer's video guide for more information.

Not all firmware supports PID autotuning, and you may need to tune manually.

We recommend running two PID tunes for the V6, one now and one later at at normal printing temperatures, with filament in the hotend, sock attached, and with an active cooling fan on if you're planning on using one. This way your printer can finely tune its settings to match your real printing environment.

Typically you will use M303 E0 S210 C8. It will take a few minutes to run through the 8 cycles (C8) - it should then show a Kp Ki and Kd value. Write these down/ remember them for the next step.

Follow this with M301 P17.28 I0.63 D118.87 (These values will be different for you)

Then you can type M500 to store these value to your EEPROM, Optionally you can enter these values into your firmware manually.

For this example we have used Proterface on a printer running Repetier firmware.