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Slip the shake-proof washer onto the screw with the blue patch lock on it.

WARNING - this screw goes through the bearings and so when it is tightened it creates an axial load on the bearings, if this screws is overtightened even once it may cause permanent damage to your bearings which will result in bearing failure -PROCEED WITH CAUTION.

Screw in this screw until it is finger tight and no more.

The shake-proof washer will prevent this screw from coming loose.

There may be some slight visual misalignment of the idler and teeth, this is due to an inconsequential machining error of the filament drive gear. The toothed portion of the shaft is wide enough to accommodate this minor misalignment with no effect on how the teeth engage the filament.

If you find that the screw is not biting it may be due to the teeth on the slip proof washer protruding slightly which increases the thickness, try to flatten out the teeth before trying again.