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To get a more exact value for your E-steps-per-mm, measure the exact amount of filament that is pushed out of your extruder.

Load filament into your extruder, just until it is gripped by the drive shaft (you can't pull it out without moving the large gear turning)

Mark your filament at the top of the idler arm or PTFE tubing with a pen or permanent marker .

Tell your printer to extrude 100mm of filament. Use your printer's LCD screen, or send it: G92 E0, then G1 E100 via your printer control software.

You may need to heat your HotEnd before your printer allows you to extrude filament. You can use M302 command to get around that.

Mark your filament again at the top of your idler arm or PTFE tubing

Eject your filament.