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Insert x2 square nuts into the Hermes as shown in the photo taking note of the orientation

Place the printed Bracket Mount on the Hermes as shown and screw in x4 M3x8 screws.

NOTE: make sure the fan cable stays in its position within the recessed channel of the bracket

Use the two Phillips screws provided in the Hermes kit to secure the fan in place by screwing them as shown in the photo

Be aware it is possible to crack the t slots if you use screws that are too long and bottoms out. Our recommendation is to use screws that protrude 3mm +- 0.25mm from the mounting surface to go into the T-Slots. Over tightening also risks snapping the T slot.

Pictured above is a non stock fan, please do not use the stock artillery fan, We recommend the use of the supplied Hemera fan instead.