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Slot in the Hobb gear (attached to the other gear)

You need to have the top of the pinion gear flush with the top of the Hobb gear.

If it isn't—and it likely won't be on the first try—loosen the grub screw and adjust the positioning of the pinion gear on the motor's shaft. You may need to unscrew the extruder body to get at the grub screw.

When you think you've got it, try pressing down on the Hobb gear lightly to see how it will fare when the whole extruder is screwed in and make sure it's still flush.

If the pinion gear is mounted too high you will risk pinching the idler arm against the heat sink which will cause excessive friction.

If the pinion gear is mounted too low it will not make full contact with the Hobb gear which risks causing uneven wear.