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When changing the extruder motor to a compact but powerful motor (recommended for the Titan and Titan Aero) or Slimline motor (still useable but may require slower printing speeds) you will most likely require a slight adjustment to the stepper driver to ensure that you are not over or under powering the motor. Not over or underpowering is important in order to provide the ideal amount of torque for the extruder to run without skipping steps or overheating and damaging the motor.

For the Compact but powerful motor, the Maximum rated current that you should set the stepper driver to output is 1.68A.

For the Slimline motor, the maximum rated current that you should set the stepper driver to output is 1.4A.

    • Unlike the A4988 or the DRV 8825 stepper drivers the best way to set the TMC drivers is through trial and error.

    • Do not set the drivers to the maximum rated current of the stepper driver right away.

    • To start with set the VREF to 0.7v, if you find that there is not enough torque available increase the VREF in 0.1A steps until everything works.

    • Do not exceed 1.1v, this is the maximum rated VREF for the TMC drivers, setting values above this will risk over heating both the stepper driver and stepper motor and will result in loss of torque/ permanent damage.

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