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Look no further for a complete extrusion system that just works; the Titan Aero is the ultimate all-in-one package of HotEnd and Extruder. It's easy to mount and more compact than the traditional V6 + Titan pairing—perfect for flexible materials.

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hobb grinding in to material


I bought the aero titan kit with hot end 3 weeks ago at for my cr10.

After having installed and adjusted everything and tested with PLA: 1st layer, 20x20 cube with very good results, I finally got to the point where I can print something else.

Then the problems started as soon as I want to print something with short print layers and there are many retracts after each other, the hobb begin to dig into the material with a blockage as a result. Have already tried everything from temperature upwards, print speed down, retraction speed down, less -more tension on te screw. Nothing helps as soon as there are too many retractions in the print everything gets stuck. most of the time the hobb go's through half of the material end with a soft pull de the material breaks inside te titan, I have to disassemble everything to clean it, put back together and adjust it back to get perfect first layers , en cubes.

I really do not know how to solve this problem.

Due to the many disassembly and assemblys i had to make. I have now noticed that the temp sensor is damaged .you can see the 2 connection wires i the open the white protection or fixing is broken . now i will have to buy a new sensor to.

I'm really disappointment at this time . I had a perfectly working printer and now I'm sitting with something where i can not get a decent print out anymore.

Can you advise me what i can do to resolve this problem.

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I have the same problem. It happens when the pressure is too high (it's not really high, though). The source is that the hobbs tooths are too fine for such soft material as PLA. Even when full pressure is configured and without any hotend connected I could get the gear to grind with my bare fingers (I could not stop the motor though, but easily hold the PLA string). I had much better performance with a standard MK10 gear which did not grind. It even gets more torque before clicking / grinding. I'm totally disappointed with the titan (aero) extruder. The design is great but the hobb is the weakpoint. I can't even profit of the additional torque by the second gear because it grinds easily. It's a bottleneck and worse than my cheap ebay extruder gears. This behaviour is independent of material (PLA/ABS) and other print settings.

I hope they'll fix that soon.


Hi Ted,

Filament grinding is typically caused by the filament tension being set too low rather than too high. If you are still getting grinding issues the first thing to do is clean the hobb teeth, if there is ground filament filling up the teeth then it will reduce the amount of grip available and will result in grinding.

The second thing to do would be to do a cold pull to make sure that there isn't a jam in the HotEnd that is preventing new filament being extruded. If you had been using a retraction length longer than 2mm then you could have caused a jam in the heatbreak, you will need to disassemble the hotend in order to clean out the heatbreak.

Thirdly make sure you are using the correct temperature for the speed you are using if you are trying to print too fast for the temperature you have set you will be trying to extruder solid plastic out of the nozzle.


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Try bringing your retraction down to 1-2mm - it's not a bowden system any more and you may have left the settings as previous?

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