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Original post by: Christopher Jones ,


New AERO not extruding


I bought an Aero to replace the stock one on my Wanhao i3 back in November, but just recently (~ a month) got the chance to put it on.  I'm running Smoothieware on a MKS SBASE 1.3 board.

I'm having two problems.  First, when feeding in a piece of filament, it extrudes just a few mm then just stops and clicks.  The extruder gear itself just stops moving, so it's not just sitting there grinding into the filament.  I can push filament thru just fine when pulling back the lever and disengaging the gear.  When removing the hotend assembly (hotend, heat sink), and running filament thru, it does just fine;  no problems with the extruder gear.

Second, at random times, all the motors will just stop working. Can't move them at all.  The only way to get them working again is to power cycle the system.  This started immediately after putting the Aero on and testing it.