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Original post by: Dean Schober ,


Feed cog wearing through filiment


I installed the Titan Aero on my printer and am having an issue with the feed cog grinding up the filament.  1.75mm mirrored unit.  Ive double checked the following;

Pinion flush or slightly below Drive gear

Minimal “backlash between gears to achieve smooth operation by hand

Extruder stepper set to extrude 100mm of filament when given proper G Code

Temp sensor set to Type 5 (marlin)

Screw 3 not overtightened

Retraction set to 1mm

Help greatly appreciated, I really need to get this machine working.  Only abnormalities I found during assembly was in checking resistance on a 12 V 30W heating element I got slightly over 5 ohms.  I on inspection I would suspect the notchy “budget” ball bearings will not last long in this high heat environment.


Titan Aero